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Best Facebook Pages of All Time About Travel For Free Volunteer

Volunteering is one fun activity to take part in as you build and empower communities around you. You get a touch of adventure when there is traveling included, as you can explore various destinations in the world as you offer a helping hand.

You cannot overlook the influence technology has on volunteering opportunities, especially social media. Facebook is one of the to-go platforms when seeking information and options for volunteering. So, which are the best Facebook pages of all time about travel for the free volunteer? This article answers this question.

Free Volunteering

Free Volunteering is a Facebook page that has been around since 2011 and was curated by HelpStay limited, a community of people who travel with a purpose. From its about section, you learn that this Facebook page shares free and low-cost volunteering opportunities with volunteers interested in working abroad.

The page complements its website,, and offers opportunities in several regions of the world. Some of the areas Free Volunteering will connect you include Europe, Central America, South East Asia, Africa, and many more.

It has several posts, consisting of photos and videos of its expeditions in different parts of the world. It has a fast response to the queries you raise and will instantly hook you with available opportunities in your preferred regions.

Volunteer World

Volunteer of World

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in the world but getting them is a difficult task. Here is where Volunteer World steps in to help you land your desired voluntary gig in whichever area you prefer. The page came through in 2015 and presently boasts of over 90000 followers.

It is the supporting social media handle of Volunteer World’s website, Volunteer World offers support to those who want to live consciously and sustainably and is the ideal hub if you want a meaningful travel experience.

Among the page’s milestones, including a 2018 nomination for Forbes 30 under 30. The page uploads videos and photos that give you a hint of the several places to visit and is accessible at all times.

Volunteer Abroad for Free

Another page to look at is Volunteer Abroad For Free, a vibrant social media hub that has been around since 2013. It is an all-round page that also posts about scholarships abroad, making it an excellent stop for high school students or those in their gap year. Here, the students get higher education scholarships in addition to volunteering opportunities.

The good thing is that you get the services free of charge. Presently, Volunteer Abroad for Free does not boast of a high follower number, and the posts are not that consistent. However, it is still active, and you will receive fast responses when you inquire.

Prague Volunteers

Prague Volunteers

Prague is one of the fantastic cities to stay in the heart of Europe, and you can experience its pleasantries through Prague Volunteers. This volunteering program involves teaching English; as such, English proficiency is necessary before you sign up with them.

There are high-class accommodation and meals offered at some of Prague’s best hotels, and you will be teaching from Sunday to Friday. It is an excellent opportunity for you, especially if you have your sights on a teaching career or something similar. Besides English proficiency, you have to be very patient, as you will be dealing with young children.

The page has been operational since 2015 and has over 1000 likes and followers. You can make inquiries via messenger to understand what the program entails as you prepare to go and experience Prague in full measure.

Free Volunteering Nepal

If you are into breathtaking sceneries, then Nepal is one of the places to visit, where you have a view of the famous Mt. Everest peak, amazing culture, and hospitable people. A visit to Nepal is possible through Free Volunteering Nepal, a free volunteer for travel Facebook page.

Operating since 2017, it is a legitimate page that will link you to several projects in Nepal, where you can try out your several professional skills, especially in the teaching field. Free Volunteering Nepal came by upon the realization that many volunteering firms were only interested in profits coming from volunteer’s sign up money.

The situation became worse as most of the projects were of questionable quality. The organization takes on a non-commercial approach to get volunteers to help where necessary. It is one of the best pages to get advisory on free volunteering services to Nepal.


Volunteering services have come a long way, from when getting the opportunities were challenging to now when things are relatively simple. With social media, there are several handles and pages to follow if you want to look out for available opportunities.

Above are some of the best Facebook pages of all time about travel for free volunteer programs. Follow these pages and save yourself from paying sign up fees that can discourage you from exploring your skills.