Home Automation in Windermere: Is Your Home Sufficiently Protected?


If you watched The Jetsons cartoons series growing up, you’ll remember the flying cars and a world where everything is available at the push of a button. And while cars aren’t flying just yet, automated driving isn’t too far away. And neither is the ability to control many aspects of your home with a few clicks using home automation in Windermere.

Has enough progress in this area occurred to make it worth your while to transform your house into a smart home? If you like the idea of being able to control your security system from a distance, while decreasing your energy costs, then you’ll want to read on.

Following are 12 reasons you may want to invest in smart home automation in Windermere.

1. Heating And Cooling: You can program smart thermostats so the heat or air conditioner isn’t running at full blast when you’re away, and you can also conveniently crank up the energy levels when there’s been a change in plans.

2. Better Comfort Levels: It’s not just about convenience or energy savings – a smart thermostat can kick on the heat several minutes before you wake up in the morning or use temperature sensors to allow occupied or unoccupied rooms to reach the desired temperature.

3. Avoid Waste: Devices that draw energy even when in a standby mode or just when plugged in can be completely shut down when not in use, reducing your home’s “vampire” load.

4. Save Energy: Some home automation systems can measure the energy usage of individual appliances, allowing you to figure out whether an older unit is draining too much energy.

5. Save Water: Adding sprinkler control to your home automation system may qualify you for some rebates while allowing you to control, through a smartphone app, how long the water runs, potentially cutting your water bill significantly.

6. Watch Your Home: Tying security cameras into your home automation in Windermere allows you to use an app to see when a visitor arrives, whether it’s an actual delivery person or a thief posing as a delivery person.

7. Watch The Kids: With digital video conference connected to your network and the use of a smartphone app, you can see what the kids are doing when you aren’t home. The same technology also lets you check in on your pets.

8. Skip Key Locks: You could make use of electronic door locks that have numeric keypads and tie those devices into your home automation in Windermere to unlock the doors through an app.

9. Don’t Sweat: Tying all of your home’s locks into your home automation system can give you peace of mind, as you can check the status of these locks through a smartphone app at any time.

10. Save Time: When your home has smart appliances, they can alert you to potential problems they’re having, such as a filter that needs changing or a freezer that is not reaching the proper temperature.

11. Protect Your House: If you have a series of security lights at your home, you can turn them on and off using a smartphone app or a motion detection system. Or you could have the motion detectors alert you through your home automation in Windermere any time they detect movement on your property.

12. Control Small Appliances: Going on vacation? Rather than plugging your lamps into traditional timers, you can use your home automation system to turn different lights inside the home on and off using varying patterns.

Having the opportunity to give your appliances voice commands or activating various features of your home automation in Windermere using a smartphone app can be incredibly convenient and could save you money over time. Call our office today and let one of our experts show you how.