Shoulder Arthritis in Louisiana

The Best Exercises for Shoulder Arthritis in Louisiana

Having shoulder arthritis in Louisiana can make you feel like you need a shoulder to lean on.  Arthritis produces inflammation in the joints, including those in your shoulder, as well as a collapse of the cartilage that cushions your bones. This causes the characteristic pain and stiffness of arthritis.

However, certain workouts can help relieve arthritis symptoms. Following are some tips for exercising when you have shoulder arthritis.

Ride your way through the pain. Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise when you are suffering with shoulder arthritis in Louisiana. Whether you ride your bike outdoors or use a stationary bike, make sure the handlebars are at the correct level. If they’re too low, you’ll put more stress on your shoulder joints that are already strained.

Try a reclining bike without handlebars for indoor cycling to focus more on your legs and core. Hybrid bicycles tend to be the best options for outdoors because of the higher handlebar placement and upright sitting position.

Invest in a gym membership. Very few people have the room or money to invest in professional gym equipment. A gym membership is the perfect alternative because you can take advantage of the cardio machines. They can help you to condition your body, encourage healthy posture and remove pressure from your shoulder joints.

Push up against the pain. Pushups are one of the best all-around exercises because they exert muscles in your upper body and core while increasing your metabolic rate. You can still do pushups with shoulder arthritis in Louisiana, but you’ll need to make some modifications. Wall pushups can ensure better alignment and diminished shoulder strain. Perform a few reps a day and only increase the duration if you don’t experience any pain.

Downward-Facing Dog away the pain. Yoga is recognized for boosting strength and flexibility. It also integrates breathing exercises for advanced movement. This type of workout is also effective for shoulder arthritis in Louisiana because it strengthens both the upper and lower body without the high impact of other workouts. If you can do Downward-Facing Dog without pain, then it’s a good exercise to do.

Walk it off. You can walk to burn off fat, but regular walking may even help you burn off shoulder pain. This low-impact workout is most effective when you stand up tall with your shoulders back. A daily walk can boost your mood and keep your weight in check. It may also help reduce swelling and stiffness in your joints.

Strength training through weight-lifting. Strength training plays a main role in increasing muscle mass and bone density. If you have arthritis in your shoulder, you may believe that you can’t lift weights anymore, but that isn’t entirely true. The key is to concentrate on exercises that don’t require raising weights above your shoulders or cause any additional pain. Pay attention to the pain – it’s the signal that your joints are becoming more swollen or aggravated.

Don’t do it alone. Exercising to relieve shoulder arthritis requires a high level of commitment and having a support system is critical. Invite your family members to exercise with you or enlist the help of friends for extra motivation and inspiration. Be sure to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor and physical therapist first so they can make sure your workouts are safe and can give you some extra tips for success.

If you feel that you may be suffering from shoulder arthritis in Louisiana – don’t hesitate – call our office today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options to get pain-free.