Knee Replacement

The Benefits of Same-Day Double Knee Replacement in Louisiana

Orthopedic surgeons perform approximately 700,000 knee replacements in the country each year. With its high success rate, the procedure has been key in relieving pain and reestablishing an active lifestyle. Today we’re discussing the benefits of same-day double knee replacement in Louisiana.

In many cases, patients have arthritis in both of their knees, so a decision has to be made whether or not both knees should be replaced simultaneously. The procedure – also referred to as a bilateral knee replacement – has benefits that patients should be aware of when making a decision.

Benefits of Bilateral Knee Replacement in Louisiana
The advantages of bilateral knee replacement mostly involve convenience and cost, among other things.

Less time in the hospital. Patients who have a bilateral knee replacement in Louisiana only have to stay a half-day longer in the hospital than single knee replacement patients.
Less missed time from work. There is only one recovery period, so less time off from work is needed.
Return to normal activity level. After the physical therapy regimen has been completed, patients can return to the work and activities they enjoy, without interruption.
Less physical therapy needed. Therapy appointments are concentrated on rehabilitating both knees at the same time so fewer sessions are needed.
More affordable. Bilateral knee replacements typically cost less than two individual procedures.

The Best Candidates for a Same-Day Double Knee Replacement in Louisiana
The overall success rate for this procedure is quite high, but candidates must be in outstanding health with no underlying medical problems and no history of lung or heart disease to be accepted. They also need to be mentally prepared for the intensive rehabilitation that double knee replacement requires.

Same-day double knee replacement is not an option for individuals of any age who have a serious medical condition. Patients who have a BMI of over 40 and are seriously overweight would also not be a candidate.

Improvements in Total Knee Replacement
In the past, many people assumed that if you had one knee replacement surgery, the pain and rehab would be so difficult that you wouldn’t return for surgery on the other knee.

But with today’s advancements in surgical techniques, pain management, and anesthesia, the recovery from a single knee replacement is much faster and easier than in the past. So, now in most cases, the patient does return for the second surgery, typically waiting at least about three months between surgeries.

Knee replacement in Louisiana is a big decision, but being familiar with the facts can help patients make an informed choice. Following the surgery, most patients will tell you that in terms of relief from arthritis pain and enhanced mobility, they wished they’d had the procedure sooner.