How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Training Step by Step

Success in affiliate marketing requires finding an effective teacher, defining your perfect niche, knowing which products to promote, strategically positioning your content, driving traffic, optimizing content for conversion, and evolving to keep up with industry trends and regulations. Let’s take it one at a time…

Find a Teacher:

If a teacher promises “one weird/easy trick” to get rich quick via affiliate marketing, then stay away. Affiliate marketing is neither easy nor quick. 

The second criterion I use to evaluate affiliate marketing trainers is the upfront value. Are they begging for sales or bringing quality content first?

It goes without saying that an affiliate marketing trainer should be knowledgeable and reputable. 

My mentor had his own company. He was highly knowledgeable, and his course provided chat support on a 24/7 basis. 

Pick a Solid Niche:

Would you promote weightlifting or cardiovascular training if you knew nothing about these? Of course not, because you already have a fundamental understanding of what a niche is.

A niche is a specialized area of the market. Think of it as a group of “fans” who are interested in a particular product. Some of the most profitable and popular niches in affiliate marketing include health and wellness, making money online, dating, etc.

Find a niche that you’re knowledgeable AND passionate about. If you’re willing to learn, then you have everything you need. 

Choose the Best Products:

Above all else, always choose niche-relevant products. If you promote dating services on a dog lover’s group, you won’t do so well. 

For your own reputation and credibility, only promote high-quality products that you yourself believe in. 

The where is not as important as the what or the how, but for starters, you can find affiliate products on networks like JVZoo, ClickBank, and Amazon.

Strategically Position Your Product(s):

Think of your affiliate content strategy as a spectrum of trust and authority. On the bad end, you have people who just spam links on social media profiles, and on the good end is helpful, informative, and interesting content. 

In focusing on your audience and your content instead of the money, you will build authority and trust over time. As to where you can do this, how about your own branded site, social media and forum accounts, and Quora profile for starters?  

Drive Traffic:

Though it shouldn’t be your greatest concern at the beginning, a steady and sizable traffic flow is paramount. There are dozens of ways – both free and paid – to bring people to your content. I like to emphasize the free methods first. 

For example, build a solid social media presence, making sure to befriend people interested in your niche. If your content is good enough, people will just follow you. 

Even more powerful in 2020, however, will be YouTube. This is the year that YouTube overthrows the almighty blog.

Remember to keep it appealing and relevant. If you’re promoting canine obedience collars and leashes, your videos should focus on obedience training principles, naturally setting up your product offer. 

Maximize Conversions:

All the traffic in the world means nothing if it won’t convert. Track your links, your analytics, bounce rate, and everything else that factors into the buying decision. 

It’s just a start, but this is how you maximize conversions.


Digital marketing in general is one of the most quickly evolving industries in the world. Search engines change, trends rock the market and then leave huge holes, social media policies change, and most of all, people get used to the same old “tricks.”

For this reason, you must be humbled by the unknowable thing before you and commit yourself to lifelong learning. As soon as you’ve “mastered the game,” rest assured, five things will change overnight. Change with them.  

A critical part of that learning and changing process is identifying and properly leveraging the right tools for your business. Combined with the proper training, tools will help you in ever facet of your business, from product promotion to conversion optimization.

Stick with these steps, enjoy your work, and pour your heart into what you do. Once you earn that first performance-based penny, you’ll be hooked like the rest of ‘em!