Work For Housing Exchange

Best Places You Can Get Inspiration For Work For Housing Exchange

Work for housing exchange is a concept that has been around for a long but has been receiving much attention of late, probably due to the internet. It is a great way to explore the world, taking in different destinations’ niceties as you work.

Most times, the arrangement is you get a host who offers you work, and in return, you get food and accommodation. This work for the housing program is impressive as you get to experience your host’s culture as well as use your skills and learning new ones as you work.

Focusing on the destination of choice, we will have a look at the best places to get inspiration.

1. Bali -Indonesia

A visit to Bali tops the bucket list for many travelers as one of the scenic and chill places on the planet. It is a destination of choice for those who want to seek a spiritual outlet and improve their productivity.

You can take advantage of the excellent weather and the unique culture, making Bali a top tourist destination. The region is also diverse when you consider the different cultural backgrounds, boosted by tourism activities.

The hospitality will do you a favor as you connect with suitable hosts that can accept the work for the housing exchange program. In Denpasar, located in the south, you can get a volunteering opportunity at a life betterment project for people with disabilities.

2. Bangkok- Thailand

Still in southeast Asia, you can head to Bangkok in Thailand and taste the Thai people’s hospitality. They are very welcoming and can host you as you explore the rich and diverse culture that decorates Thailand’s capital.

You can look for a host in the suburbs, which are relatively quiet and will offer you the peace you need for inspiration to get working. Other things to enjoy in Bangkok is the vibrant nightlife and food. Talking of the food, if you love street food, the city will have you sorted with some of the most unique snacks.

There is a party hostel in Bangkok that you can join as a volunteer party starter.

3. El Cuyo- Mexico

El Cuyo will give you an image of Mexico that you rarely see in the media. Picture lush vegetation, sandy beaches, and monuments; this is what El Cuyo has to offer. It is an excellent place for digital nomads, more so if you are into photography due to the many picturesque scenes.

The sandy beaches can give you the motivation you need to get working, as you expect a moment of rest later on. The hospitable communities will make you feel at home as you enjoy their culture.

You can join the DreamHatcher project in a fishing village in El Cuyo to share your gifts and skills.

4. Kathmandu- Nepal

Nepal’s capital hardly disappoints as a tourism destination and is one of the best places to get inspiration for your work. It has the backdrop of the elegant Himalayas ranges, which attracts many tourists who want to conquer the mountains.

One thing that will amaze you about Kathmandu is the culture, especially during religious festivals. If you do some writing or photography works, then the Nepalese capital will give you something to write about. You can check up with the various non-governmental organizations, which may offer you some volunteering work in exchange for accommodation, food, and other necessities.

The Hindu and Buddhist temples and statues will make your stay in Kathmandu exciting. The Amrit Kunja Organic Permaculture farm is an ideal place to work during your stay.

5. Goiania -Brazil

Brazil is well-known for its vibrant culture and hospitable people. The entire country is a leading tourist destination, where you get to see the Portuguese influence on the people. You can narrow your trip to the central region of Goiania.

Goiania -Brazil

Goiania has a lot to offer as you enjoy your stay from the food to occasional fiestas that give you a touch of the Brazilian culture. Several organizations that have set up shop in this region may offer you the work for housing exchange arrangement, where your perks include food and other necessities.

If you are good in English, you can volunteer at the English school.

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can easily be one of the most underrated places when it comes to travel destinations. One of the niceties it has comes in the form of Unawatuna, a coastal city in the Galle district. Sandy beaches, corals, cool breeze, and good food are some of the things that can inspire you to bring your best.

The area’s culture is also unique, and if you are on a documenting mission as a writer or a photographer, you will have something for your fans. You can head to the east coast in Nilaveli, and offer your services at the Eco- cocoa estate, an expansive coconut farm.

7. Tropea- Italy

Italy is one of the few places in the world that has something for everyone. Sandy beaches and a warm climate are among the niceties you will enjoy in the town.

There are also several historical monuments such as the Santa Maria dell’ Isola Church, which sits atop a cliff giving you a nice view of the sea. As you are in Italy, you know that you will have an unforgettable experience with food from various cheeses, pizza, and wine.

A host in the town will offer food and accommodation in exchange for building and gardening skills.

Final Say

The work for the housing exchange program is an excellent form of tourism that allows you to travel the world and connect with different communities. You enjoy your hosts’ hospitality, the environment, and what it offers as you work, mostly volunteering in various projects.

Above are some of the best places to get inspiration to work. A common feature is that they have scenic beauty and an ideal climate to make you feel at home. Look up the hosts in the areas and make arrangements before you start your exploration conquest.